Sources Utilized for the WW1 Veterans data

Enroute to the Front
En route to the front lines...National Archives photo, Indiana War Memorial

The database consists of the referenced sources.

As much data as possible has been scanned directly (OCR, Optical Character Reading) from the following sources:

1. Gold Star Honor Roll IWM archive A record of Indiana Men and Women who died in service of the United States and the Allied Nations in the World War.  1914-1918 Published by the Indiana Historical Commission, Indianapolis, 1921 Fort Wayne Printing Company, Contractors for the State Printing and Binding John W. Oliver, Editor, Indiana Historical Commission

2. Book of Merit Indiana Historical Collection Vol XVIII IWM archive Official Individual Decorations and Commendations Awarded to Indiana Men and Women for Services in the World War.  Compiled by Harry A. Rider, Indiana World War Records, Volume IV.  Published by the Historical Bureau, Indiana Library and Historical Department, Indianapolis , 1932.

3. A History of Base Hospital 32 (Including Unit R) IWM archive edited and compiled by Benjamin D. Hintz with photographic illustrations by Charles S. Stough and others Indianapolis.  Copyright 1922, Edward Kahle, Post No. 42, American Legion, Indianapolis.  (A copy of this book was placed in the cornerstone box of Building “A” July 14, 1927)

4. The Daily Echo, Shortridge Daily Echo, IWM archive Wednesday, December 18, 1918, a publication from Shortridge High School, N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Names compiled from: Shortridge Service Flag by Nell Ridpath, Librarian Shortridge High School.

5. The Story of the 139th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces IWM archive by Robert L. Moorehead, Col. Field Artillery, O. R. C. (Commanding the Regiment) Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Publishing Company, Publishers Copyright 1920.

6. Heroes All, Memorial Edition, IWM archive.  A compendium of the names and official citations of the soldiers and citizens of the United States and of her Allies who were decorated by the American Government for exceptional heroism and conspicuous service above and beyond the call of duty in the war with Germany , 1917-1919. Harry R. Stringer, Editor, Fassett Publishing Company, Washington D. C. Copyright 1919. The Du Bois Press, Rochester , N. Y.

  • 7. IWM Archive files

    • Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis News, Indianapolis Times, IWM Archive

    • Photo of members of the "Martinsville Boys" First Aid Troops. IWM Archive

    • The Deck School Log of the Naval Auxiliary Reserve, 1917-1919, Wm J. Byrne, Editor, IWM Archive

    • Scrapbook of Women in Foreign Wars, IWM Archive

    • Evansville Courier, September and October, 1918, Listing in IWM archive file.

    • Misc. newspaper clippings, IWM Archives

8. Indiana State Library files (in addition to those noted below)

Brownstown Banner, May 1, 1918

9. The 46th Infantry, USA.  IWM Archive, A record since its organization, June 4, 1917. Published at Camp Sheridan , Alabama . January 1919

10. Indiana Persons in the World War Indiana State Archives Collection:  Names Addresses and Serial Numbers of the Indiana Persons Serving in the World War. Prepared from “RECORDS FROM THE UNITED STATES WAR DEPARTMENT” by the office of the Adjutant General of Indiana. 1927 (No publisher, 4 books containing a county binding of typed lists)

11. Fulton County in the World War Indiana War Memorial Archives.  Reviewed Under the Direction and Censorship of the Fulton County of Defense.  Edited by Harold Van Trump.  A compendium of the citizens of Fulton County, Indiana and their involvement in the War effort.  No publisher or date listed.

12. Lake County's Roll of Honor, Lake County Indiana WWI Article, Hammond Times, Wednesday May 15, 1918. http://tripod.com/1918dead.htm

13. Internet sources: Parke County http://rootsweb.com/~inparke

14. Internet source: Gibson County http://www.interment.net/data/us/in/gibson/hazelton.htm

15. Allen County Veterans Records, Indiana State Library

16. Rainbow Hoosier, Elmer W. Sherwood, Indiana War Memorial Archives Printing Arts Company, Publisher. Donated by Raymond R. Luzney, 42nd FA (the most decorated Indiana National Guard Unit in the World War) Battery A, 150th FA, Rainbow Division. Indianapolis, Max R. Hyman Publisher, 1915.

17. Clay County's Answer, Indiana War Memorial Archives.  An Authentic Review of Clay County's Participation in the World War Year Book Department of the Rogers Printing Company, Dixon and Chicago , Ill

18. A War History of Company “D” Fifth Regiment of Engineers Published April 1, 1919 Camp A. A. Humphreys, Va.

19. Centennial History and Handbook of Indiana Supplement: Highlights of Indiana in the World War, compiled and edited by Edith Margaret Evans, Speakers Bureau, State Council of Defense, and Freeman T. Felt, Battery A, 150th FA, Rainbow Division, Indianapolis, Max R. Hyman Publisher, 1915.

20. 4th Division, Its Services and Achievements in the World War, Christian A. Bach & Henry Noble Hall. Issued by the Division, 1920.

21. Internet source: WW1 Veterans of Daviess County, Indiana. http://www.rootsweb.com/~indavies/ww1.htm

22. Service Records of Ripley County in the World War Collected by Minnie Elizabeth Wycoff, 1925 4 Volumes, Indiana State Library Accession # 103930 I940.3772 R589W

23. History of Kosciusko County, Hon. L. W. Royse, The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. Warsaw Community Public Library, Warsaw , Indiana .

24. Ft. Sheridan Association, It's History and Achievements, The Ft. Sheridan Association Publishers, Warsaw Community Public Library, Warsaw , IN.

25. History of the 113th Field Artillery, 30th Division, The History Committee 113th F. A., Raleigh , NC . Warsaw Community Public Library, Warsaw , IN

26. Parke County in the World War, The Rockville Tribune, 1920, I940.3772 P237P Indiana State Library.

27. Canadian Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918), ArchiviaNet: On-line research tool: http://www.archives.ca/02/02010602_e.html Canadian Virtual War Memorial: http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/general/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem

28. Tippecanoe County Honor Roll, Haywood Publishing Company, Lafayette, Indiana, 1919. Indiana State Library I940.3772.T595.

29. The Service Club of Indianapolis 1920 – 1955, with the biographies of 291 members who served in the World Wars. Compiled by Howard C. Caldwell. Published by the Service Club of Indianapolis, 1955. Indiana War Memorial Library.

30. Brief Historic Statement of War Work – Young Men's Christian Association of Indianapolis, Indiana, during the World War. (typed, bound, manuscript, no date given, IWM archives)

31. Decatur County in the World War – Soldiers' records and miscellaneous clippings, collected by Mrs. George Deiwert. June 9, 1924. 2 volumes, Indiana State Library, Accession #101014 I940.3772 II 291d.

32. Jefferson County in the World War - an historical and sociological study of one Indiana County during the war, 1917-1918, by George S. Cottman. Jefferson County historical Society, publisher.

33. WWI Civilian Draft Registration

34. War Service Records, D. A. R., State of Indiana, Vol's 1 & 2, Indiana State Library, April 9, 1921 Accession #I940.3772.D239W

35. Marion County in the World War, Soldiers Records, Indiana State Library, June 9, 1924, Accession# I940.3772.M3413 (Vol 1-E; Vol 2 F-L; Vol 3 M-R; Vol 4, S-Z)

36. Howard County in the World War, C. V. Haworth, Indianapolis, Wm. B. Burford, Printer and Binder, 1920 Accession #I940.3772 H848h Indiana State Library

37. History of Elkhart County in the World War, H. S. K. Bartholomew and Carrie Nusbaum, April 30, 1925, Indiana State Library I 940.3772.E43B

38. Service Records of Vanderburgh County, Indiana in the World War, Ethel F. McCullough and C. P. Hammerstein, 9 Volumes, April 29, 1925, I940.3772.V229M Indiana State Library (Vol 1 A-B) (Vol 2, C-D) (Vol 3, E-G) (Vol 4, H-J) (Vol 5, K-L) (Vol 6, M-N) (Vol 7, O-R) (Vol 8, S)

39. Handbook of the Robert Green McClure Section of the Cornerstone Class, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, 1927. IND366.1S431vic Indiana State Library

40. History of Grant County in the World War, Vol 2, Indiana State Library, Accession # 101045, I940.3772.G761d V.2

41. Sons of Men, Evansville's War Record, compiled by Heiman Blatt. Published by Madison 1920. Indiana State Library, Accession #940.3772 V229B

42. Indiana Women in the World War, Compiled by the American Legion Auxiliary, Dept. of Indiana, 1938. Indiana State Library Accession #940.3772 A512 I2

43. Air Service Mechanics Roster, graciously copied and made available for this project by Crown Hill Cemetery Library, Indianapolis, IND.

44. Indiana State Archives Bonus Records, a microfiche file of all veterans residing in Indiana that applied for their WW1 bonus after the war.

45. A History of Base Hospital 32 (including Unit R) by Benjamin D. Hitz, Compiled in 1922 courtesy of Google Books and available online  http://books.google.com/books/about/A_history_of_Base_hospital_32_including.html?id=7SYaAAAAYAAJ

46. Soldiers of the Great War in three volumes, W.M. HAULSEE and F.G. HOWE and A.C. DOYLE

47.  LaPorte County Veterans Burial Index, LaPorte County, Indiana.  http://www.dunelady.com/laporte/vets/

"F" denotes information from the veterans families.  Not verified by official records.

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